Monday, August 6, 2012

Making ATCs and Finding Stuff

Today has been a good day, first my ATCs were not lost in the mail and the person I sent them to liked them.  I really like the ATCs that I made and didn't want to make them again!  Then I got to post the ATCs and show off!  Don't get to show off often.

Hand woven button.

This evening I dragged a lot of junk out to start making the 6 ATCs I've signed up for through  I had some ideas for the ATCs but had to find some craft items in the craft area.  All I have to say is that I will be bruised tomorrow but I found my button box and some tiny flower beads that I needed.  The button box is where I keep supplies for making hand woven buttons and where I keep my button collection.  I can't say any more because the ATCs are a secret until they are received.  Tonight I was able to make two cards and start another. 

Wood Elf Pincushion.

The tiny flower beads are for a garland on the head of my wood elf pincushion.  I had almost given up finding the flower beads, they have been in the bead collection for many years and this is the second time they've been used.  So with a little luck the wood elf will be done this week.  Just the flower bouquet for her to hold and she will be perfect!  Oh yes, I found the base for the next pincushion!  I am very excited!

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