Monday, July 23, 2012

Two Months of posts and Fibulas

It is hard to believe that I have been posting everyday for more than two months.  Certainly I would not have bet money on it!  Forcing myself to craft something everyday seems very strange.  But it has helped to keep me busier and that is important.  Anyone reading this blog may have noticed that I tend to jump around going from one project to another.  It actually makes sense for me because my sight and hands vary greatly from day to day.  In fact I can hardly read what I am typing today.  Like a bee I just work on one project and then flit to another and as long as it makes honey in the end it is all good.

But that also means way to many craft supplies!  Some days I dream about only doing one type of craft and being really great at it rather than knowing how to do many things at a mediocre level.  On the other hand it does give the cat lots of places to hide!  Every now and then mount craft supplies rumbles and sends an array of bits and pieces sliding down it's slopes!

I had hoped to finish the butterfly today but I'm doing a terrible job at embroidering today.  So instead I decided to make a fibulas, actually I made three.  They are easy to make but I wanted practise before working in silver and amethysts.

The first one I made was two large so the next one I cut to 10 inches.

First Fibula using large ceramic bead and crystals.

Close up.

Smaller 10 inch fibula using blue crystals.

Amethyst and silver fibula for gray shawl.

So now I have a pin to close the gray shawl that I crochet.  Not much for the day but maybe tomorrow I will get that butterfly finished.

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