Thursday, July 12, 2012

Paper Making an update

I worked on paper for two days and some of it is still wet.  The lace and paper try didn't work.  The lace just fell off the paper.  Lee said why not use glue.  I told him I could do that anytime.  I wanted to make the lace part of the process.  I should probably say that the reason that the paper is taking so long to dry is we have a 70% humidity or higher everyday.  We are close to the ocean and get heavy fogs at night.  When I did papermaking in Tucson a sheet of paper dried overnight.  I'll take the heavy fogs anytime compared to the dry heat.  Some of the sheets did dry over night.  They were processed with bronze pearlex and lavender fabric paint.   I put the pearlex in the vat water and that turned out to be to subtle.  The finished paper only had a little sparkle.  Then I put lavender fabric paint into the pulp.  That was a complete surprise!  Instead of mixing with the water it formed blobs.  It looked as if I could actually marble with it.  So I left it all blobby and then roughly shredded some botanical into the pulp.  The finished paper is spotted with random purple blobs but the botanical turned brown.  The package says this can happen if the seed is left in the shreds.  So I wasn't careful enough when I tore the angel wings.  I like the blobs and I'm rather pleased with the paper the only thing I don't like is that it feels like thin cardboard egg cartons.  I may try some paste paper with the sheets and some embroidery on some of

I strained the paste and added ink to it which was a bad idea.  I should have used a more concentrated source like acrylic paints.  When I tried to use the paste it was to thin.  I couldn't get the paste on, it really just pooled.  So I left it and came back after two hours and tried to run a comb through it.  But the paste was just to thin.  I can't seem to get a good picture so I wiill try again tomorrow after it dries.

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