Sunday, July 1, 2012

Found a Treasure, Antiquities verdigris

Antiquities verdigris on medium weight copper.

A couple of years ago I moved most of my crafting supplies into their own room.  Unfortunately there were more supplies then room.  For several years I would use a 40% off coupon whether I needed something or not.  Most of these items were for startup kits and tools for crafts I hadn't yet learned.  "One day I will learn this." I kept telling myself.  To my credit I really have learned the basics of many different crafts but none to a really high level of skill.

So I went to the part of the house where I used to keep supplies and started moving stuff around to see what I left behind.  It turned out that I had two of those tool boxes for small items like nails and washers and stuff.  Here I thought that I had actually used the paper supplies and they were just sitting there.  In the box I found lots of pigment powders and UTEE.  Ink pads and refills.  Some distress ink which I was thinking of buying and here I already had some.  One item really captivated my interest Antiquities verdigris.  I had found my Jim Holtz dress maker's dummy and cut out a dummy in medium weight copper and then ran it through the the cuttlebug to emboss a pattern in it.  Then took the reverse side and used clear ink and then verdigris powder.  It came out and is really sticking to the copper.  The color isn't quite right but has possibilties.  Will have to try some more ideas but first I want to play with some of my refound inks on embossed fake leather.  Haven't played like this in nearly eight years.

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