Tuesday, July 3, 2012

More ATCs and Dragonfly Pincushion

The ATCs arrived at their destination!  So now I can show off what I've been making.  The theme for these was cats!

I was really happy that I could add a quote from Black Adder.  In the episode where they burn the first dictionary and have to rewrite it over night Baldricks definition of a cat - not a dog.  The kitten is being naughty and is eating a butterfly.  Unfortunately the rub on didn't hold properly or this would have been really great!

This cat I just had fun coloring with a new set of colored pencils.  It is supposed to be a hippy cat.

This is a tree of life in pergamano and is over a piece of paste paper I made some time ago.  I think the paper adds a nice border.

You can't see the colors here but the tree is colored from behind with a white colored pencil and it is surrounding a red planet.

Today I am making a pincushion.  The dragonfly pincushion was damaged but I was able to save the wings.  So I am redoing the background embroidery.  Well back to stitching!

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