Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hammered Copper Pendant

Today I was looking at one of my favorite wire books called "Bead on a Wire" by Shariyn Miller.  One of the projects is a abstract pin.  Mine came out more abstract then pin!  When I didn't have enough wire for a pin I made it into a pendant.  I can never decide whether I like the look of the hammered metal or not.  I do like it but it seems unfinished.  Perhaps some beads wired into it would help.


Had a sudden inspiration and added a hanging piece of 18 gauge copper wire with a leaf shaped copper bead and a beautiful round malachite bead.  A small copper bead was added at the end  and then the wire was hammered and twisted.  Now I need to make a copper chain.

Original Pendant

Copper and malachite added.

Copper and malachite added, second view.

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