Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Quiet Sunday

Today was very quiet, most Sundays are around here.  Lee goes off for several hours and that gives me time to relax.  In fact I slept during the afternoon. 

I was looking at the butterfly wings again and realized that they don't match.  My eyesight has been terrible lately and only after resting today could I get a good look at the wings.  Definitely not good enough for the Herb Robert stumpwork.  In fact I am thinking of buying some silk sewing thread for the stumpwork floral and make the butterfly from a picture of a real butterfly.  Of course the historical stumpwork pieces were lacking in realism.  Butterflies the same size as animals and such.  But I would like to make at least one realistic butterfly or moth.

Today I have been looking at the book "Stumpwork and Goldwork Embroidery".  I think it is the loveliest of Jane Nicholas's books.  The projects are highly stylised so I probably won't do any of the projects but I do love looking at them. 

Last night I set up the bobbin lace pillow so I could work on it today.  Trying to learn the whole throw and half throw today.  The half throw was a bit hard to learn but I did.

Cloth Stitch.

Whole Throw.

Half Throw, Cloth Stitch and Whole Throw samples.

Tonight I am setting up the pillow with the first lace edging.  So tomorrow I will try to make a 12 inch piece of lace.  Now it is time to rest my eyes again.

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