Thursday, July 26, 2012

Spangling English Bobbins

Today Lee and I went for a walk at a small local park.  It was a nice walk and Lee took pictures.

We walked half a mile before I got tired.  There was a lovely breeze from the ocean that kept us cool even though it was a cloudless day.

Today I decided to get out my bobbin lace pillow and practise making the cloth stitch.  It came out very regular but the threads had to be coaxed a bit.  The only problem was when I wound the bobbins.  The working pair was wound incorrectly and I ran out of thread.  So I was going to wind them again and start with two yards this time.  All I managed to do is get the bobbins wound because I suddenly wanted to spangle my bobbins.  After more than six years I finally took the time to make wire and crystal loops.  I may need to change how I made the loops.  Guess I will see if they work tomorrow.

Pretty crystals and even a cat!

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