Thursday, July 19, 2012

Long Hot Day

It has been warm here today.  So warm that my muscles and nerves aren't working their best.  I checked the weather channel and it says it's 69 degrees.  Sometimes I wonder about the person that turns in the weather reports for Santa Maria!  It is definitely above 69 degrees today.  One year the weather channel kept reporting snow at the airport.  I live a mile from there and it has not snowed!  Any way I've been taking it easy and drinking a lot of sweet tea!

The package from Russia was so wonderful, I hope to swap ATCs with Victoria again.  I finished the angel card for the June swap it was the first Doctor Who ATC I've made.  Such a large choice of mini themes and so many different Doctors!  To bad I can't show it until it is received.

Last night I worked on designing a pincushion.  I had seen a pretty one in a "Sew Beautiful" magazine, issue 69 2000.  It is a doll pincushion that hangs on a Chatelaine.  It uses her face and hands but the body is a wide and pointed pillow.  There is a ribbon to hide the shoulder joining.  It gave me an idea for a wood elf pincushion.  Only the pillow would be shaped like a leaf.  So I got out a scrap of green upholstery fabric and I cut it into two leaf shapes connected in the center.  My concern was how to stuff it and keep the leaf shape.  So I decided to quilt it to a thin piece of batting.  Decorating and quilting it at the same time using three strands of embroidery floss.  Then I am going to sew it together and stuff it.  Then I will add the head and arms.  It should be cute!

Leaf being quilted.

Closeup of quilting.

Elf head.

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