Saturday, July 14, 2012

Paper Flower Bouquet

Last night Lee read to me and I put together red paper flowers.  The bouquet I'm making will be for the craft room.  I got more than a dozen flowers made.  So today I started putting together the white flowers.  After a couple were done I noticed they were the wrong color of white.  These had a slightly brownish tinge and the ones I used already in the bouquet were purple tinged.  So now I have a lot of white hearts and I don't know what I will do with them.  The red ones I glued to the Styrofoam ball.  I will have to get new white paper in order to finish.  Here is a picture of the bouquet so far.  The spaces will be filled in with either greenery or maybe lace.  To bad I don't have playing cards to paint the white ones red for me!


  1. I want to do a black bouquet for halloween maybe with dome grey added
    Holly's bouquet for the wedding is turning out pretty nice. Can't eait to see yours done

  2. Thanks! Mine actually is coming out alright except the styrofoam globe is so big. I will need something else to put the arragement on. I keep having a strange idea of hanging it like a disco ball. That would be really be cute for a wedding. Hanging balls of flowers. Now I'm thinking of putting it on a heavy dowel and winding ivy around it. A topiary look. If it gets much larger I will have to give it away! Can't wait to see your next project.