Thursday, July 5, 2012

Paper Flower Bouquet

Last night and this morning I was working on a red, white and blue bouquet.  I cut 8 to 10 petals with the Spellbinders scalloped hearts for each flower.  After cutting the size I wanted I cut out smaller hearts with the leftover paper.  The scraps that were left will be processed into paper.  Then I glued them together just as in the tutorial on this blog.  Finally I edged the flowers with gold ink by brushing the ink pad over the finished flowers.  Next I started the arrangement.  I took a canning jar and took out the center and glued a large Styrofoam ball to the lid.  Next I alternated red and white flowers, low temp gluing and pushing their dowels into the foam.  To go with the July 4th theme I wanted blue in the design but not as a flower.  So I took a yard of blue gingham and filled the jar with it.  After three rows of flowers I realized that it was going to take to many flowers to finish any time soon.  So I left off at that point.  But here are some pictures of what is done.

So far I think they are coming out well.  I really like the blue gingham inside the jar.  I could change it out for green for Mexico's Independence Day.

Today was also turn projects into the fair day.  I brought several wrong projects but I got seven right and into the fair.

It hasn't been the best of days because a kidney stone is doing it's best to irritate me but I'm bigger than it so I should win!

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