Monday, July 30, 2012

Bobbin Lace Edging

Spent the day working on a lace edging from "Bobbin Lacemaking" by Doris Southard.  The pattern is from Lesson 2 page 46.  Well all I can say is at least I tried.  I thought my sewing skills were my weak point but after the mess I made of the lace edging I hit a new low.  So here is the 6.5 inches of lace I made, warning be prepared to laugh.

Well I'm not quite sure what happened.  The first part of the pattern I was completely confused.  First I thought that this pattern would use the same worker threads across the pattern but it doesn't.  But that didn't stop me from trying insanely to force the pattern to use the same worker pair.  Then at the open part of the pattern I tried to work the lace across rather than in sections.  The lace looked so bad that I just started the third section.  This time the pattern made a little more sense.  I think that I understand the pattern now but the first section actually looked better even though I did it wrong!  The tension was to tight and I actually bent some of the lace pins.  But the lace was a good experience and I needed to try again so I cut some 70 crochet cotton and set up the pillow again for a fresh start tomorrow.  So we will see tomorrow whether I really learned anything today!

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