Monday, July 16, 2012

Polar Bear Toy

The last few days I have been trying to organize the crafting supplies.  Something that really needs to be done.  With the new bookcase I have been slowly moving books across the room.  There is also a filing cabinet that I didn't want in the room but there was no other place to put it.  So I decided to put in progress work inside the cabinet.  First they go inside of bags and then are filed away.  It works really well!  Today I was looking at the "in progress" work and came across a fleece polar bear.  I had it about half sewn by hand so I decided to try and finish it.  So I finished sewing the body when I noticed left over pieces.  This is why I don't sew.  I couldn't find the pattern but I did find the instructions.  It looks like the tail got left off but the other piece looks like a gusset for the head.  Hopefully I cut an extra.  The polar bear seems cute the way it is but I want to add some embroidery.  I've been wanting to play with ribbons for a while now.  I just love the ribbon embroidered toys.

It was also the day to pick up entries for the fair.  I couldn't even remember what I had entered.  I almost left behind the jewelry.  They took very good care of my shawl and I can't wait to wear it out.  A nice woman at the fair said she thought it was my most creative year!  Very flattering.  I showed her how the book came apart and she like it.  She really loved the sewing tool box I made.  She was surprised when she opened it up.

Sewing box with lid on.

Sewing box with lid off.

The lid holds the sewing box together.  I like the sudden burst  of color and the easy access when it is open.  It includes a pretty pincushion in the center.  The box also has pockets and a ribbon to hold scissors.  It was made with leftover book board from binding books.  So it was made as large as the smallest board. I had seen this in a book and just made it up as I went. There used to be kits with the boards cut.  The lid was the hardest part.  They also took special care of my tiny pincushion and had it under glass.

So all the excitement is over until next year and I may have an embroidered polar bear to enter.

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