Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Fair Day

Today started out and has been so different then I expected.  I don't usually drag my problems into my blog because it isn't about my problems.  But at 4:30 AM all hell broke loose.  Our cat and a stray cat where fighting.  For the last three months a stray cat has been trying to drive our cat away.  Our cat is a small beautiful Maine Coon we named Caramel.  She claimed us after she was abandoned and I found her in the yard.  I suspect that the other cat was abandoned when some neighbors lost their home.  I call the second cat white face kitten, she has white fur with gray spots and weighs 30 pounds.

Caramel doesn't like doors, instead she jumps in and out the bedroom window.  The window is 3 feet off the ground.  So one day about 6 weeks ago our cat jump into the room and leaps over my head and is closely followed by white faced kitten,  Since then they have been fighting.  Caramel is having a nervous break down.  We walk Caramel outside so she is safe to travel to the front yard.  We have been reassuring our cat and make sure she feels safe in the house.  I just don't know what to do.  The white face cat sits at the window and has the highest pitched voice and  keeps crying if we don't let her in.  We try and rotate cats but they run into each other like this morning.  I am completely unable to think of what to do.  The situation is not fair to anyone.  So that was the start of the day. 

I stayed up to let the cat out but I finally fell asleep.  Next thing I knew it was 10:00 AM.  So I managed to wake up and go to the Fair.  Wednesday is dollar day so we take advantage of that.  I saw few entries from friends.  My gray shawl got a third, I think it lost out to a couple of plain crocheted scarves.  My jewelry came in third and honorable mention.  The only thing that took first place was the dragonfly pincushion.  It doesn't matter what ribbons I got because people at the Fair liked my shawl and were commented on it.  All I really want is to inspire someone to try and make things.

So after looking around I saw a demonstration of silk painting.  It was really cool to watch.  The lady teaches the class at our local junior college.  It would be fun to take a class but it is to expensive.  Maybe next year or maybe I'll just try it on my own.  The teacher reminded me of the salt technique to make fascinating patterns in paint.  So after the Fair I went to the post office to mail out an ATC.  Then onto the grocery store, Lee was going to go in saying that I would never find anything.  But I went by myself and either they have changed the signs or my eyesight was better today but I was able to read and find the kosher salt easily.  By the time I got out I was exhausted.  Sometimes I forget how difficult everyday things can be, because Lee does all of this stuff for me.  So we came home and I fell asleep.

So all the crafting I have done today was cycling paper in the oven.  Trying to figure out what happened to my paper casts.  It looks like an opossum stuck it's nose in a couple of hearts.  Can't trust those red paper nosed possums.

Also I finally figured out why my stumpwork butterfly didn't look right.  After posting about it I went back to the instructions and it called for cotton not organza.  Cotton can take a lot more stitches then the organza.  So I work on a wing but the shape isn't right so I need to try again but now I'm back on track.  Also I have been working on another ATC, the theme is Doctor Who.  The problem is there is so much to choose from.  But I am working on an interactive card, so I will post it once the person receives it.  It would take all the fun out of swap if I posted it here first.  So back to making another ATC and being driven crazy by cats.

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