Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ribbons and Dolls

Half doll from Lacis

Still playing with ribbons today.  Found the box of doll heads and half bodies.  I've been looking through several of the ribbonwork books today.  It is so nice to have time to look through books for inspiration.  Most days I have to rest a lot so 2 hours of work takes 5 hours.  It makes it very frustrating most days but having goals of creativity has made life better.  Unfortunately today hasn't been the easiest.  So I have been working on designing pincushions and on an ATC.

Ceramic doll head.

I purchased several doll heads and half dolls at a sale for about a $1.00 each.  They also had a lot of arms and legs.  One thing I want to make is a pincushion doll.  The book "Ribbonwork, the complete guide" has beautiful pincushion ideas including two with dolls.  I really love the book and it is just a joy to look at.  Several years ago I started a pincushion doll and modelled it on a design in Ribbonwork.  Today I got out most of the doll stuff and finally realized why I didn't like what I was doing.  The doll head was to small for the soft body I made.  Today I found a doll head the right size and decided that I needed a soft sculpture upper body to balance the doll.

A lovely piece of machine made needle lace. 
Perhaps it will make a pretty doll shawl.

Doily over a soft doll body.

Doily stretched out, approx. 25 inches in diameter.

I also realized that the pink doily would make a beautiful skirt for a doll.  It was one of the first doilies I made and the tension is to tight and causes the doily to pucker.  So instead of sitting in a bag it could be repurposed into a beautiful pincushion.  That is it for today.  I'm going to look at magazines for inspiration and go to sleep.  At least I'm going forward on this project, it has been 5 years since I started the pincushion!

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