Saturday, June 23, 2012

Today's Challenge ATCs

Today's Challenge is to make 6 ATCs this weekend.  Writing the tutorial yesterday was exhausting.  Even though I can edit pictures quickly, writing the directions was hard.  Somehow two of the instructions didn't have pictures so I have to do it again!  So I would rather work on something creative rather than back tracking. 

ATC number 1.

It was actually a collaged card that no one liked except me, so I cut out a template so I could see the best way to cut it.  The template really made it easy to cut out.  Then I edged it in gold ink.

Original card.


ATC number 2.

I liked to buy clip art packages over the Internet, unfortunately the site I use is closing up.  One of my favorite clip art designers is Debbie Mumm.  The poppy is cut from a background she created.  Just because it isn't a whole poppy is no reason not to use it!  I wanted to make the contrast between the poppy and the background pop.  So I doodled a background image and water colored it in black.  Nothing better than a new set of paints!  Next I glued the poppy to the card.  Then cut out a butterfly I had printed on silk and put it on the poppy along with a pair of lips painted on a piece of paper towel.  If you know Terry Gilliam's work you will understand.   The lips were awful so I took them off.  Added antenna to the butterfly and one more is done!


ATC number 3

Where I live has no new bookstore.  We either order books or hope to find something at the used bookstores.  One bookstore sells any book for a dollar and the money goes to charity!  One time I was able to get a geography book that is dated 1897.  The book has some lovely maps so I photocopied the map for Japan which owned Formosa and Korea still.  First I glued a background from a Celtic clip art package to the card.  I copied an image from a Japanese art gallery to 50%,  Then tore the edges around the image and used Cosmic Copper on the edges.  Then for fun took a wing from the Celtic clip art and put it behind the image.  So I off set the map and glued it to the background.  Then cut out a postal seal from Japan and glued it to the card.  It is pretty but needs something more.  So I open the box of things!  I found Asian coins, Magic the Gathering cards, credit cards, clock shaped brads and wood laminate tags.  I decided on the clock brads and coins.  Pasted them over glue spots!  Done!  Not my favorite card but nice.


After making the cards I sprayed them with a spray pump hair spray to seal them.

So another challenge is finished.  Just three more to make tomorrow.  It was fun playing today but not the putting away of all the junk I dragged out.   I also wish the pictures came out better, Next time I will scan them, today the scanner was in use all day.

Everyone enjoy some crafting!

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