Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Chocolate Truffles Recipie II

Now that the truffles have set the fun begins! You will need a spoon or a melon baller is better, to scoop out the truffles. Some wax paper or board to work on and lots of cocoa powder to keep the truffles from sticking to you.   I like to use a plate that can go in the freezer and can fit in a sealable plastic bag to put the finished truffles on.  This is just to firm them up, take them off the plate to store.

Now is the time to decide on how to finish the truffles. You can chocolate dip them which will be tomorrows blog. The classic finish is just to roll them in cocoa powder (my favorite).  But you can also just roll them in something. For instance finely chopped nuts, sprinkles or cookie crumbs. I like to put Oreos in a food processor and grind them fine and roll the truffles in it. However the cookie crumbs go stale fast so I only do that right before serving.

If you put the truffle mixture in the refrigerator you will need to let them sit an hour or more to soften. If you don't wait you can really hurt your wrists. If you left them on the counter overnight they should be firm but easy to make rough balls shapes.

Sometimes when you have accidentally stressed the mixture you will see pockets of yellowish butter or even cocoa butter. This is not ruined! 


You can see that the mixture separated slightly.

My first try did this and you can still use it. Just remove the fat pockets as you spoon out the chocolate. The worst that happens is that the chocolate is not evenly set so that there are harder bits like chocolate chips. I remove the larger of these bits while rolling the truffles. The bits just add texture to the truffles. No one has ever complained! But if you feel uncomfortable using the mixture it can be gently remelted, and try again. Or it can be saved in the refrigerator and scooped out and made into the best hot chocolate!

Once the chocolate mixture is firm spread the cocoa powder on the work surface, if you use a sieve it will take less cocoa powder to roll them. Then use a spoon or melon baller to scoop the truffle mixture and place onto the work surface. Be sure everything including your hands has been dipped in the cocoa powder. 

Dropping bits of truffle mixture onto cocoa powered surface.

If you have hot hands this can get tricky. Once you have a lump of truffle mixture spooned out try to form it into a ball. Use your hand, trying to roll with the part just below your fingers. Use light pressure and roll the mixture into a rough ball, by rolling it on the work surface. Usually the first one just melts on your hand, it takes some practise. You may need to wash your hands often during this process, but if the mixture is soft and melting it may just need to firm up more. Being to soft and melting also means fewer truffles!

Rolling a truffle.

Rolling a truffle.

At this point if you are not going to dip the truffles in chocolate you can roll them into nuts and other toppings. If the toppings don't stick warm the truffle in your hand and roll in the topping again. If you are going to eat them soon place them in the refrigerator and take them out one hour before eating. For long term storage, they can keep up to a month if frozen. I freeze them over night and then dip them the next day. Tomorrow I will post on how to dip chocolates. If you want to learn more you can go to my site at

Truffles ready for the freezer.

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