Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Rug or Basket?

Now that I'm finally done with chocolate, I'll share other stuff I've been doing.  I have been working on a bracelet design and learning to use a snowflake frame.  Neither has been working out!  I'm half way through another book tutorial, this one is an accordion style with a secret! 

So I thought I would go in a completely new direction.  I am trying to make a big soft basket or a rug.  Today I bought 20 yards of cotton cording for the base from Beverly's Crafts here in Santa Maria.  They had several sizes but I got the 1 inch diameter cording.  It is very soft so it would probably be better as a rug.  At first I thought of using some cotton yarn for the weaving.  Now I'm thinking of tearing up some fabric that I bought a couple years ago to make rugs with! It was under $3 a yard so that isn't to bad.  There are also a lot of bed linens that need to be recycled.

Right before the wedding I bought a toothbrush rug tool so I may try that method.  There is a nice video on making toothbrush rugs.

Always too many projects!  We will see if I can make rugs this week!

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