Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Blue Crystal Necklace

After all the paper crafts I've done recently it was time to work on some jewelry.  Jewelry seems to make itself for me.  So I just picked some random blue beads and used a simple repeating sequence.  This was the first time that I used the Zebra silver wire for wire wrapping and I was a bit disappointed.  The wire I used was Zebra's 20 gauge silver with a copper core.  For some reason it seemed more flexible than their 20 gauge copper wire.   So next time I make something with the silver I plan on using 18 gauge.  Now I need to try their gold colored wire and see if that has the same problem.  Being soft isn't really a problem except that I bought four rolls each of 20 gauge in the silver, gold and copper. That is a 180 yards of to soft wire!  In any case the necklace is lovely, it uses two different sizes of medium blue crystals.  Some of the crystals have an AB finish for extra interest..  To lighten up the piece I used medium sized clear crystal   The necklace is about 30 inches in lenght so it can go over the head and has no clasp. 

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