Tuesday, June 26, 2012


It has gotten a little easier making ATCs but it is interesting how such a small piece of card can be so much work.  I guess art has no size.  Unfortunately they are surprises so they will be posted later.  But I can post my first ATC.  The theme was giraffe and was for a child's room.  So I had just finnished reading the Hobbit and remembered that Tolkien had written a story about a Girrabbit.
I don't remember the story but the girrabbit was part giraffe and part rabbit.  So I tried to draw it as best I could remember.  I wanted it to be a letter card like a flash card.  So I got an image of a bunny and a giraffe and used them as a model.  Then I drew the girabbit and lettered around it to add interest and because not that many people have probably read the story and be confused by the strange creature.  So here is the first ATC I made.  It is done in black ink and brown ink for the spots.  It took about 5 tries to make.  Silly but cute. 

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