Friday, June 15, 2012

Curtain Lace Scarf How To

Curtain Lace Scarf

Recently the helix type scarves have come back into style made with yarn that looks like pieces of flat lace.  I was talking with someone at Beverly's Crafts about how to make a scarf without spending a lot of money.  So today's project is made out of a piece of curtain lace fabric I bought at Beverly's.  It was less than a quarter yard and about $3.00.  This is a sturdy piece of woven lace and you can see below that it has a pattern with evenly spaced holes.  The fabric has been washed several times without a problem.  But I haven't yet washed the scarf itself.

Lacy Curtain Fabric.

Cutting curtain fabric.

First I evened up the edges of the fabric, then cut it in half.  I left the woven ends on the pieces, you got to love that it is already hemmed.  It is important that the pieces look the same and that the holes to crochet into are not damaged when cutting.  Next I got some Sparkle yarn in black/silver and slip stitched into the end of one of the curtain pieces.  Chained 1 and then single crocheted into the same whole.  I then skipped 4 sets of wholes, you can see the holes in the picture below.  Then I just kept single crocheting and skipping holes along the length of the fabric until near the end of the piece.  Because you will likely not find the same pattern of lace, You may need to skip more or even fewer holes.  Play around and see what looks best.  I used a small scrap of the lace fabric to test on before starting.

Crocheting into the edge of the lace.

When I was to the last few skipped holes I cut off any woven ends and lined up the next strip of fabric overlapping the two pieces together.  Then just went on with the pattern crocheting through the overlapped pieces.  This does cause a visible overlap but that is going to be at the back of the neck where it won't show.  You could also seam the two pieces together before crocheting, for a neater back.  End off and run the yarn ends as best you can.  When done the scarf should look like this.

Finished helix scarf.

The hardest part was cutting the lace without hurting the holes that I chose to crochet into.  As long as you picked a well woven piece of lace it should make a beautiful scarf and give other color options then the more expensive lace yarn.  It took me two hours to make the scarf but that is because I crochet very slowly now.  Please leave a comment I would love to see what you made with curtain lace!

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