Monday, June 4, 2012

Sleeve Covers

The other day I joined pintrest, and the first thing I saw were lovely embroidered sleeves.  Here is a link

I just loved the embroidered roses and lace so I pinned it..  Then I realized it would make a wonderful cover up for a lymph edema sleeve.  When out looking for wedding fabric a while back I came across 13 yards of 60 wide black lace that had a swirling leaf pattern and small iridescent sequins.  The lace is amazing especially at $1.00 a yard.  I couldn't walk away from such an amazing find!  There was also 30 yards of black rose patterned lace with gold braiding woven into it.  I just hung on to the lace and kept saying "it's mine".  So with way more lace then anyone needs I'm trying to figure out how to sew the sleeve.  That way I could make some for the local cancer center. 

So with very few sewing skills I hand sewed a lace tube using a lingerie seam.  It was easier then using a machete to get to the sewing machine! That came out very pretty.  The lace has a beautiful satin stitched edging that I'm using for the lower part of the sleeve.  I wanted a ribbon at the wrist, so I got some silk ribbon but I bought the wrong stuff, it was only 1/4 inch wide.  Loosely stitching the ribbon around the sleeve to have it tighten around the wrist didn't work.  That was just a stupid idea.  I also purchased some black elastic, so I can only think of making a casing and putting the elastic inside.  I must have seen my mom do it a hundred times as a child.

My mom was an amazingly talented person and could sew anything.  The last time I sewed clothing was in 7th grade in Home Eco.  My mom was showing me how to set in a sleeve of a blouse and she showed me a short cut.  She would sew the sleeve and the body of the blouse at the same time.  My teacher want us to learn how to do a set in sleeve instead.  I had never heard my mom yell at someone like she yell at that teacher.  I didn't fail but my mom was not allowed to help me anymore.  That sort of ended any real desire to sew.

Anyway I have several books to help me with sewing ideas.  The first sleeve will be mine and I will use the silk ribbon to make spider roses and add a few beads and crystals.  It should be fun once I get the technical issues dealt with.


Close up of edge of sleeve.

Close up of fabric pattern.

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