Sunday, June 24, 2012

Today's Challenge ATCs part 2

Today's challenge is to make another three ATCs.  Yesterday I made a huge mess dragging out rubber stamps and inks and tons of other stuff.  So today I just grabbed some random stamps and paper, sometimes it helps having fewer choices.  I can't find my Jim Holtz die cuts!  I had such a cool idea!  After a rest I will look again.  Now to look through my bag of stuff.  My bag of stuff contains the scraps and pieces left over from other projects.  When I make something using clipart I fill the page with images to print.  It feels horrible just to print out one image and waste cardstock.  So that saves me time later and I have images I use a lot of so it works great.  Even though I shake a lot some days, I'm very good at cutting, the trick is to move the paper and not the scissors.  So clip art is a major source of inspiration.

ATC # 4

Got out a card that I cut from watercolor paper and made sure it fit in a card sleeve.  Learned to do that yesterday, don't trust you've cut the card perfectly.  Then I cut some lace that I got at the fabric dollar store.  Clipped the netting around the fabric edge.  I decided not to use the edge and instead arranged the lace motif on the card and glued it down.  While I waited for the card to dry, I started playing with what I wanted to add to it.  I needed to glue the edges of the card again.  The lace came out rather well.  So I found a beautiful flower whose name I cannot spell.  It is pale pink which I thought would look nice.  But it didn't, that is collage for you, never know what will work until you try!  At this point I gave up and just sat cutting out bits and pieces.  Then I realized I was drawn to certain colors and shapes.  So it occurred to me to try a central theme and color and make the ATCs as a group.  I went to the Gutenberg Project and
downloaded Alice in wonderland images.  Narrowed it down to one image and started playing again.  I cut some of the Alices and tore others.  The image was a sepia kind of color so I colored two images with colored pencils.  Then I cut some BoBunny paper (black and white) for the background.  Pasted an Alice down and then I used the flower I cut out earlier, still can't spell its name.  Next I put a rose rub on over the whole image. This is what it looks like.

ATC # 5

First I glued another BoBunny (black and white) background to another card.  Glued a large moth from the Mariposa card pack.  Colored Alice so she has red hair and a light blue dress. Glued Alice on top so she has wings.  Gave her a crown made from a rose bush from another picture in the book.  This is a lot like the angels and fairies that people like to make but still cute.  I may take and use Stickles on her later.

ATC # 6 
Was a happy accident.  I took a section of a die cut flower and folded it over a card and it looks cool.  So I glued it on the card.  Colored it green on the parts that were white.  Colored other parts green also.  Next I glued textured vellum over the card.  This caused the card to fade and the texture is cool but didn't show on the scan. Then I glued a clock over that and Alice on top.  Cut the rosebush to be a bouquet for Alice to hold.  Again has been done to death but cute.

The project is complete and now that I've had some practice I'm ready for the swap!

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  1. How I love them! I wish I had any))) Really great work! Congrats!