Thursday, June 21, 2012

Rug/Basket and Collage update

Well the rug has turned into a large basket!  It came out rather cute but the tension was to tight and caused the rows to go up instead of flat.  I learned a lot making the basket.  At first I wrapped four times around the cording which caused spaces in the basket.  It worked a lot better when only two wraps were used.  Also when wrapping overlapping by 50 percent caused fewer bald spots.  I used the slit method to connect the fabric strips together but didn't like the knots it left.  So instead I just wrapped the new strip over the end of the last strip.  This left some pieces loose so they will need to be secured with quilting cotton.  Now to decide whether to make a handle or not.  Need to figure out what I will use it for first.

Today I also started working on the paper that will go inside a Valentine /Victorian style accordion fold book.  The accordion is already made so I could finish it in a couple of hours.

Here is the back cover collage it took 10 minutes to do everything just jumped into my hand.  It has a fabric lace collar with crystals, aluminum die cut heart and diamond shaped mirrors.

Here are the two covers side by side.

Usually I collage the inside covers but a simple doily seems like it would be better since the covers are so decorative.  So tomorrow I will finish and post a tutorial.


  1. would you please tell me where I can find it types of artwork you are using. d images and pictures are beautiful. I just are you doing family calloges and would love to add this technique to my project. do you have a project list and supplies oh where I can find the stuff. and can you explain to me exactly how to do it. you are a very talented person good luck
    tami vevurka
    Tacky Tami's creations.

  2. Thank you! I appreciate your compliments. I've never seen a tutorial for collage probably because everyones style is different. Kind of like playing. I start out with the background. For the japanese collge I took a large piece of white paper. Then I looked for a map book and found a 1820's edition of old maps. Photocopied the image of Japan and glued it to the paper.
    So that set the collage in motion. Then I thought of what I wanted the collage to be. I wanted it to be old and classic Japan. Then I got all the Japanese stuff I had together surrounding me. Working on the floor makes it easier. Next I looked for large medium and small elements. Then I started surrounding the map with large elements. Things like the Kabuki image for example. When I put something large on the paper I then tried to balace it with a large or two medium images opposite it. Then I went back through the collage putting down medium size graphics, and balancing them ouy. Finally the really fun part and the most important the small images. You fill in with the small images and also add dimentional pieces. At one point I took a brass stencil of cherry blossoms and used dimentional paper paste and stenciled it right on top of several items. Then lightly colored it pink. To do collage you have to really be fearless of a big white page or doing something wrong. There is no wrong. The worst is that you don't like something you've done. Cover it with something else or cut out what you do like and paste it to a new page. Mix media together, metal, cloth, plastic, whatever will stick to the page is fair game. That is the best advice I can give. The images I used for the Vallentine collage were from K & Company, which I purchased two years ago. There so many sources out in the electronic universe, but I do recommend Alot of nice people and they have lists of places to download different types of clipart. Hope this helps and please forgive my typos I can't see that well today.