Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Getting Ready for the County Fair

The county Fair is in a couple weeks and I need to find the projects and make sure the look their best for the fair.  The gray shawl lost some stitches and still needs to be starched.  It is really pretty, but discouraging that it lost a couple rows, but easy enough to fix.  It will be close to 60 inches in diameter when it is done.  I'm afraid they will move it to the doily category.  It is made from a doily pattern that called for size 40 thread but I used size 8 thread.  So it is a lot bigger than the original but still looks delicate.

Last year I got some rice flour so I might use a weak solution of that and then pin it on a board to dry.  Not hard but not a fun thing to do.  If I make enough I may use the leftovers to make some paste paper. 

Right now I'm working on a jewelry piece in copper and AB green crystals.  The first piece got damaged bending the wires and is now a pendant.  Sometimes the metal just gets overworked.  It was to be a much larger piece so this on might end up an earring.  Simple but cute.  Here is a picture.

Copper pendant with green drops,

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