Wednesday, June 20, 2012

First Day of a New Month

Wow!  I actually posted everyday for an entire month!  I've finished over 17 projects which is more than I usually do in a whole year.  Usually I work on large projects like the gray shawl, it has been nice to make easier and quicker projects.  It has also gotten easier to put down in words what I know and want to share.  Recently I realized that I have learned so many thing some of which are not commonly known and others almost lost to us.  So this blog gives me a way of sharing what I know.  My one wish is that someone will be inspired to try something new. 

Now to see if I can post another whole month!  The last few days I have been looking for projects to create and post here.  I have purchased enough crafting supplies to keep going the rest of the year or more. In particular I got out my paper making supplies.  The weather has been warm and pleasant enough to make paper.  A great way to cool off playing in water and being productive at the same time!  I also have a plan to make my first skirt, that should be good for a few laughs.  So I hope everyone reading this will keep coming back.

Today's project is what I messed up on yesterday.  I got out some heaver wire, this time 16 gauge copper and made a series of oval loops.  It wasn't what I was planning but I feel to will be lovely.  Once it was shaped I went back and started rapping a 26 gauge copper wire around the 16 gauge copper wire.  I played with the idea of changing to another color of wire but decided to use copper on copper.  It has been a bit dangerous because the wire can whip around and strike but I'm trying to be careful.  I wouldn't recommend trying this without eye protection!  Here is the pendant so far.

It is interesting how much this changes the texture and shine of the piece.  After it is done I will place crystal drops on it and then make a wired crystal for the necklace part.

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