Friday, June 1, 2012

Stumpwork and Dragonflies

Today I've needed some quiet.  Which is a strange thing to say in this house.  It is always so quiet that you can almost hear your own heart.  The only sounds are the clock ticking and a black phoebe chipping on the wisteria near the window.  I can't think of anything to make today so I am reading a book by Jane Nicholas called Stumpwork Dragonflies.  It is one of the most amazing books, it shows dragonflies that were embroidered during the Elizabethan times and shows how to make them.  She uses many other sources also including modern.  Some are so real looking that you would believe they were just caught!  Stumpwork is the ultimate challenge for an embroiderer.  It uses many techniques including quilting, trapunto, metalwork, textural stitches, and wire structures (for dimensional work).  Never a dull moment doing stumpwork.  I just don't have all the supplies to make a specific dragonfly so maybe I'll make one up! 

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