Sunday, June 3, 2012

Day 15

I have managed to make something every day for two weeks now.  Challenging myself to be creative every day is a lot harder then I thought.  So is writing up what I've done or at least trying to make it coherent is!  I really appreciate people who have been encouraging me and sending me their comments. 

So for day 15 I created a 30 inch necklace.  I used red agate, Italian marble and gold glass pearls.  The marble and red agate strands didn't look good together.  But something told me the colors would mix beautifully.  What it needed was lots of gold and space.  So I separated each bead with a gold pearl.  Also I made the wire wraps a bit bigger.  It came out quite lovely.  They remind me of autumn grapes.

Doubled Necklace.


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