Thursday, June 7, 2012

Parchment Craft and fleece birds

Recently I signed up at a website called .  It is a great place to get rid of books and acquire others.  We have so many books, mostly science fiction and fantasy that we will never read again so why not swap them!  It doesn't cost to join.  You put the books you want in a wish list and enter the books you want to swap..  All books cost 1 credit.  You pay for the cost of mailing your own books.  Today I got the book Parchment Craft in the mail!  It is a book about doing pergamano, I lost my copy the last time I moved.  The projects are so lovely and it is a chance to use my pergamano needles again.  So now I need to clean the craft area so I can find them.  I've gotten other cool books too, including Cover to Cover so I could make piano hinge books again.

Today I was on pintrest and saw some cute little birds made of felt and embroidered.  So I got out some fleece,  I like it better than felt.  The  fleece was a red, white and blue Indian pattern.  I just made up a bird shape and buttonhole stitched it with quilting thread.  Maybe I will make it some friends and turn it into a hanging toy for a baby.

Got out of the house today and went to Beverly's Crafts.  It was nice talking to people and looking around trying to get some ideas on stuff to make on the blog.  Went looking for paper to make flowers with but just didn't feel inspired.  I did get some black dye and may do a tie-dye with it.  Black and white tie-dye sounds interesting!  Definitely different. 

So here is a picture of my bird.  Obviously fleece birds are not my thing!

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