Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Not feeling very creative

Seems that creativity can flee when you don't want it to.  Today hasn't been a very creative one for me.  I signed up on the ATC swap for a new partner.  So that means I need to make 5 ATCs.  There is so much to get ready for the county fair!  Still haven't finished the gray shawl and startched it yet.  Saturday I am teaching a class at the local Beverlys craft store on book binding.  So I need to make another book and have a third book to make on Saturday.   But all I can think about is sitting and crocheting.  So I started a smalll doily but got stuck on the instructions.  So I got out some paper and made a new ATC.

It is a little hard to see but the background is from a book of images in Medieval manuscripts.  The image is of a bakers shop and over it I stuck an celtic angel.  The angels face is in side a round paper clip on top of the wings.  Then I placed an image of a celtic animal and some 3D lettering that says celts.  I will get it scanned later.  To bad I can't think of a cat theme so I can finish the swap!  Well I will try and make another card tonight.

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