Thursday, March 21, 2013


I was asking Lee what he would like to do and he said watch a movie.  When I asked what movie, Lee brought out a Blu-Ray player and "The Hobbit"!  It was a nice surprise!  Then I got my box from Nordic Needle!  I am very happy with my order.  Now that I have a new set of tatting needle I can do more than practise.  The Romanian Point Lace book is very nice, so far I am working on making the crocheted cable.  The cable was to hard to crochet in size 30 thread and learn at the same time.  So I have been using size 10 thread.  If I can make 30 inches of cable I can start making a Romanian Point Lace motifs and practise needle weaving.  I'm really excited to learn more about the whole technique.  Romanian Point Lace will be my first point style lace.  If I can learn I will definitely create a tutorial.

The other book I ordered "Needle Painting Embroidery, Fresh Ideas For Beginners", by Trish Burr, is really lovely.  The lessons are very inspiring and I wanted to start today but I don't have the right colors of floss.  That usually wouldn't stop me but because the book is based on blending colors it makes sense to start with the suggested colors.  I am sure I will enjoy this book, I love just looking at the projects.  Tomorrow I hope to go out and get the embroidery threads maybe even a cup of coffee!

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