Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Finished and Happy and Cheesecake

Last night I was up until 4:00 am making a cheesecake for today.  The recipe was very simple but was a last minute idea.  The cheesecake calls for 1 hour of baking and then 1 hour in the oven without heat.  Making the cake this way creates a beautiful top.  After that I let it sit 1 hour on the counter before refrigerating it.  The cheesecake is an Alton Brown recipe.

The doily is finally finished!  Last night I almost finished all the buttonholing on the edge of the doily.  This morning it took 2 hours to complete and another 2 hours to run all the ends and repair weak spots and thread breaks.  I had to use "Stop Fray" on some of the shorter threads.  First putting the glue on the thread and then running the end.  I took a great deal of care with finishing so hopefully the doily will last. 

While I was cutting the doily from the fabric I was at first nervous but the unwoven edging made it very simple.  Definitely worth the effort of all the thread pulling.  As I cut I became excited seeing the hardanger needlework turn into a piece of lace!

Cutting the doily free from the fabric.
The true test was in the washing!  After admiring the doily came the washing.  I washed it gently by hand and it stayed together!
Finished hardanger doily.

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