Friday, March 22, 2013

Collecting Supplies

This morning I got up early looking forward to the new books I received.  I even was going to work a little outside.  I had barely started in the yard when I found something that had been missing since the summer.  When I made paper last year I couldn't find the blade section of the blender.  Today I found it with my foot.  There was a sharp pain in my foot and when I lifted it up there was the blade of the blender hanging from my foot!  At this point I decided to go back inside. 

So now that I was safely inside I started to make up a list of threads needed for the first 5 lessons of the needle painting book.  Going through the DMC threads that I already had came up very short.  So I started to get dressed so that Lee could take me to Joann's Fabrics.  I was in the bathroom getting dressed when the strangest thing happened.  I was putting on my bra and somehow the bra hooks got caught in my underwear!  I couldn't do anything and had to have Lee help me get unhooked!  At this point I really thought that hiding in bed might be a safe way to spend the day.  But I was brave and went out anyway.  The reason I went to Joann's was they have a large selection DMC threads plus I didn't want anyone I knew to have to scan all the thread at the checkout!  Even with a list it took a long time to find all the threads.  I purchased 71 skeins and still didn't get everything.  I accidentally transposed some numbers and because some colors were mixed in with others I bought the wrong numbers.  So after all that I still didn't have enough colors for any of the first 5 projects.  So I decided to re-inventory the DMC thread I already had.  That took a long time!  My stash had 68 colors and when I checked it against all 15 projects in the book it really helped to fill in what I needed.  So then I made a list of what I still needed and it came to another 71 skeins!  To do all the projects in the book you have to take the store home!  So here I am with 142 colors and still need 71 more skeins of thread!  It never occurred to me that buying the thread would cost a lot more then the book.  This could explain why I don't know anyone who needle paints.

The Romanian Point Lace is on hold until I can get the braiding made.  It is getting easier to crochet the braid so next I will try to make size 20 braiding.  But I have had enough for today and think I will try again tomorrow.

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