Thursday, March 21, 2013

Some Research on Crewel Work

Today I started going through my crafting books looking for information on Crewel work.  So far the information has been interesting but not a lot of detail.  It came as a surprise that I have no books specifically on Crewel work.  Even the Golden Hands books don't refer to Crewel work but some of the surface embroideries look like they were inspired by Crewel textured stitches. So haunting the Internet for information doesn't help that much.  The images that come up doing a search are very lovely and I really like the Jacobean designs of the Tree of Life.  The designs are so stylised and flowing very beautiful.

This morning I finished outlining the Christmas Tree Fairy in black silk thread.  The fairy's dress will be made from some delicate white ribbon if I can find the ribbon in my stash.  I've spent enough money on supplies lately along with several books, so I want to use what I have first.  Besides I have a ton of threads and ribbons.  So far I have a good idea for the background embroidery.  The Christmas ornaments are going to be a bit tricky because they are in the middle ground and two much embroidery will upstage the fairy.  Perhaps a few stitches in rayon threads to add a bit of sparkle to the ornaments.  Her wings would probably look best lightly embroidered in accents of rayon, silk, beads and a bit of fine thread needle weaving.  Tomorrow will be a quiet day so we will see what I can get done.

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