Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hedebo Whitework

The last days I have been reading descriptions of hedebo whitework.  My interest in this form of whitework comes from demonstrating at the museum in Solvang.  They really like people to demo needlework tecniques from Denmark and I have demonstrated at Elverhoj before.  It was lots of fun and I learned a lot.  Slowly I am coming to understand hedebo and found two patterns in the book "Victorian Fancy Stitchery".  But that may have to wait because there is still the Fair, and I have kept very few projects left from last year.

Today I placed an order with Nortic Needle.  The thread for the pink hardanger doily is going fast and no local store has the right color.  While ordering I got some tatting needles and a book on Romanian Point Lace but it is different from the more expensive book.  Today a whole lot of used "Romanian Point Lace" books showed up on Amazon as used as low as $150.  Maybe that will lower the price some more.  For those who don't know about Romanian Point Lace it is made by crocheting a cord which is then tacked down and lace filling stitches are added.  It is a very lovely form of lace.

The second hardanger diamond is half done.  That means that I have to decide on what to do with the area around the hearts.  Lee thinks the Reticella Lace would be nice.  I will have to try out a reticella square before I try it on the doily.  Going to rest my eyes and hands and start again tomorrow.

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