Friday, March 15, 2013

Going to an EGA Meeting

Today has been busy.  This weekend is the local Embroiders Guild of American meeting.  So I was going to stop by and see what the meetings were like.  What I'm really interested in is their magazine and lending library.  Doubtfully I will get to many meetings.  Then I realize that I don't have a scissor fob.  I lose things so easily and I don't want to take some one's scissors home by mistake.  There will be a lot of people at the meeting with stork scissors.  I tried making a fob from a fabric motif of a fan but it was too small.  I couldn't turn the fan inside out without breaking the seams.  Sad it didn't work because it would have matched my scissor case.  I just ended up tying a ribbon to the handle.  That works too!

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