Monday, March 4, 2013

Halloween Cross Stitch

The day was a major organizing event.  Going through craft supplies and getting odds and ends together.  The problem is that so many crafts use the same supplies.  Looking though some yarn supplies I found my stork scissors,  They have been lost quite a while.  This evening I worked a Halloween cross stitch.  I lost my place in the pattern so instead of throwing it across the room I adapted the pattern.  Here is what I did so far.

The embroidery stitches form a pumpkin shape.  The original pattern is by Jeannette Douglas.


  1. Thanks but as you can see the pumpkin is a bit wonky. The designer did a better job. But I think it is cute. I run thread to mark the 10th stitch but that doesn't seem to help. I always lose count somehow. The hardanger piece has to get finished for a gift so learning to cross stitch will have to wait. I did get a book out on blackwork this morning. It is the only type of cross stitch that is easy for me. The designs being filled with patterns really helps. Unfortunately I need to spend some time putting craft supplies away today. It will be so much better when I can find things again.