Monday, March 25, 2013

Romanian Point Lace and Other Stuff

The Romanian Point Lace project hasn't turned out like I was hoping, but I am still happy.  Sometimes you do learn more making mistakes.   When I taped project #1 pattern together I notice that it was slightly oblong.  But as I was just practising I didn't let it worry me.  Which is why I used size 10 variegated purple crochet thread, it was next to me at the time that I started.  The decision to use size 10 thread was because I was having trouble learning cord #1 in smaller thread.  Now that I know the pattern I've started crocheting braid for the next project in size 20 thread.  When I tacked the outside braid to it's path I didn't pay as much attention as it needed.  So there are some sections of the inner braid closer to the outer braid then it should be. I thought that if I drew a lace pattern in Coreldraw then I could print it onto some printable cotton canvas sheets.  That would make it a lot easier then trying to trace the patterns onto thick fabric.  I have been shaking more lately and Coreldraw should make things easier.  But even with all of that I am really happy with the project.  Here are some pictures.

Romanian Point Lace project #1.
The picture is a little blury but it shows
that the center worked out so lovely.
Lee went to the store and bought me some more DMC thread for the projects in the needle painting book.  Now I can start with project #1 and work my way through the book.
The Chrismas fairy has been on hold while I found fabric for her clothes.  Today I found a beautiful ribbon that I think will make a nice dress for her.  All of the stitching around her body is finished.  The wings are a concern because they are in the background so I can't make them to showy.  It has been a lot of fun to work on.
The research on hedebo and crewel work is going slowly but I've found some interesting information.  Now it is time to rest and sleep.  Tomorrow more lace work!

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