Monday, March 18, 2013

In the Home Stretch or How to Finish a Hardanger Doily

Saturday night I was working on the doily and cut the wrong threads.  It was devastating.  I put away the doily and Sunday tried to reweave the mistake but nothing worked.  After rethinking the design I could save the original shape and all of the needle weaving.  So the doily is small again and I made another bad cut but I was able to reweave it.  So today I was buttonholing the outside edge.  That required that I pulled almost as many threads outside the doily as I did inside it.  Slowly it is coming together.  Tonight I will bake a cheesecake and will finish the doily in the morning.  I want fresh eyes on the doily before I make the final cuts.
Unweaving around doily before adding buttonhole edge.

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