Friday, March 8, 2013

Quite Insane

Last night I worked on both the hardanger doily and lace scarf.  The work on both has been slow.  It has been some time since I last did any hardanger and this doily is the largest piece I have tried.  So I read through the hardanger instructions so that I knew the correct way to proceed.  There was one thing the instructions said that was very different from what I had done before.  It suggested only cutting and pulling a small section at a time.  That makes some sense because the fabric is more stable when weaving bars.  But by not pulling all the threads you don't know if the kloster blocks line up!  What a horrible feeling after all the weaving to find that the klosters don't match up!  But I've decided to do a section at a time to see if it aids the bar weaving.  During all this I was half tempted to buy a gift certificate and lose the doily in a pile of projects.  Every one would be happy and I wouldn't be struggling to finish the project.  Well maybe next year.  The only thing that keeps me crafting is that the projects aren't easily purchased and if done well can become heirlooms.  If I can make them well!  Actually I found some lovely hardanger work on Etsy just now that are at incredible prices.  At least they don't have any schwalm work!

The mountmellick white work pillow was my first idea for a gift.  It was starting to really look nice until I used some size 5 white perle cotton.  At first I didn't notice the thread was slightly off white.  So the project is at a stand still while I decide whether to tear out the thread or wash the piece.  Such problems just making a gift!

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