Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Pink Hardanger doily

More work on organizing the craft area.  I battled my way past massive piles of crafting supplies beating them back into containers and bags.  Not without a few bruises and cuts.  It seems so difficult to organize things because of all the hobbies.  The fabric stash seems so large and uncontrollable but in fact almost all of fabric fits on one shelf of the linen closet and embroidery chest!  Tomorrow I must make a safari hat and net, wade into the swamp of supplies and hope that there are no half finished stuffed alligators in the soggy marshland!  Somewhere in the room is a crocheted wedding dress I want to finish and other odds and ends. 

Ok, it really isn't that bad but the room is a challenge and I do have bruises.  Today I got the outline of the hardanger doily finished.  But I will have to put in a row of buttonhole stitch and I'm running out of size 8 thread.  I also tried to put in another heart shape but had to cut it out.  My eyes gave out and tomorrow will be counting threads on the fabric to center the embroidered stars.  Hopefully this will be a happily received gift, hardanger isn't that hard but it is time consuming.

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