Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Cicel Mary Barker's Christmas Tree Fairy

Cicel Mary Barker's Christmas Tree Fairy.

Tonight after cheesecake and presents we came home and I started to rummage through the fabrics for something interesting and fun to do.  After days of needle weaving I needed to do something with fewer rules.  There in the fabrics were the Cicely Mary Barker's fairies.  The fairy I chose was the Christmas Tree Fairy.  So I got some fine white fabric for the backing and started stitching it to the fairy block.  The reason for a backing is that it adds strength to the project so that no tearing and holes are made while embroidering.  Using white I started taking large stitches from the center of the fairy block out to the edges.  After tacking in north, south, east and west directions I then tacked from the center in a diagonal direction.  Finally I tacked all the way around the edges of the fabric.  With that important step finished I worked on outlining the fairy's face, arms and legs using Gutermann black silk thread.  Taking very fine stitches and working in the black outline of the fairy this both accented the image and made it possible to trapunto the area later.  Then I spent some time looking at the book "Flower Fairies in Ribbon Embroidery and Stumpwork".  After all that work now comes the playing!  So many fibers and techniques!  But that is for later today, it is time to get some rest.

Full image of the Christmas Tree Fairy.

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