Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Beautiful Day

Today is a beautiful day out.  Lots of sun coming into the room.  I was going to work on the magazine project when I realized my project didn't fall within the guidelines.  So now to come up with a new idea.  I'm still going to make a hankerchief holder.  Last night I used a silk ribbon iron on pattern on a cream colored satin for the holders cover.  It is going to be lovely.  I will try and take pictures showing how it was done and put it up here on my blog.

New day and new ideas to create, deadline is in 22 days.


  1. It's snowing here and it is cold and yesterday it was warm and sunny oh my so waiting for spring we didn't have spring last year. I was looking in the from planter and I think I see bulbs coming up no! They need to wait! We don't get bulb plants until late April so they need to go back to sleep. CURSE YOUR SUNNY WARM DAY!

  2. I agree! We have jumped into summer and when we start getting frosts again it is going to kill the fruit.