Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!  The year ended quietly and 2011 started the same way.  It is hard to believe that another year is gone.  This starts the beginning of my 7th year in remission of breast cancer.  I have been a very lucky woman! 

This year will start dedicating my time to starting a new career.  After nearly a year of rest and exercise at the local gym it is time to start thinking of what I am still able to do.  I will not go on permanent disability but it is hard to function and work with the drugs I take to be able to move.  So now to see if I can't find someone who needs a talented crafter who can teach.  My plan is to make myself a web presence that will help me find some way of putting my talents to use.

I am going to make up a sylabus of what I can teach and a plan of classes.  I hope to try and submit these to both the local craft stores and private schools in the area.  This will also be a start of a general crafting book I am writing.  The major theme in the book is how to do older crafting techniques without spending a lot of money.  For instance learning bobbin lace by first making your bobbins out of clothes pins.  Adding mostly simple projects for all ages and making a book that is energenic.

For the New Year I have set myself some goals.  First to finish a yo-yo quilt for the local fair.  Enter one Fire Mountain contest.  Enter some magazines "Calls for art".  Join the local art guild.  Finish learning basic metal working for making jewelry ie. chain mail.  Advance my stumpwork techniques and read the book I just bought on the subject.  If I can do even some of this it should be an exciting year!

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