Monday, January 3, 2011

Piece of Cake

"Easy as a piece of cake"!  What a stupid thing to say!  Cake is not the easiest thing to make even using a mix!  Today I'm getting the stuff together to make a orange spice pecan cake with orange cream cheese frosting.  My mom made one for me over 25 years ago and it is time for another!  I remember her looking a bit tense because even she didn't make scratch cakes anymore.  She never asked me what kind of cake I wanted agan : )  So it is my turn to be a bit tense making a scratch cake.  The Joy has a recipe I can adapt so it will only be hard to remember what I've already put in the bowl : )

Today will be cracking the nuts and roasting them for the cake.  I also want to decorate the cake but I definately don't have my sisters touch.  When in Utah last year I purchased some candy molds.  One mold is a set of different types of button molds.  Like one set is a flat button and another is a set of pearl buttons.  I'm trying to come up with a design idea like making a frosting needle and thread and lots of button on top of the cake.  Or maybe frost the cake and then cover it in buttons that make elaborate lace designs.  Well it really doesn't matter, it is how it tastes that is important!  I am looking forward to the project!.

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