Monday, January 17, 2011

Please stop me before I craft again!

What a week!  I spent a lot of it sorting out my craft books and logging them at Library Thing.  Somewhat disappointing there were only 140 craft books, 80 were on needlearts.  Shows that I need to buy more books on general crafting.  I also ordered online, 7 or 8 new books last week from Dover and the book club I belong to.  Everyone is having wonderful 50% sales this month and it is hard to resist.

Then there was a huge sale at Beverly's last week.  I bought four great books at 75% off and a demo sewing machine.  They even had the empty book boxes on sale and the little paper purses.  I met a kindred spirit trying to work out the price on a purple purse at 75% off!  I got a large butterfly box and she bought the purse! We had a great time but we went to dinner instead of having a class on whitework on Friday!  So I had a teaching reprieve.  Really need to get my right hand able to stitch by this Friday.  I am still working on a class plan but at least the rest of this month will be whitework and a small diversion into tatting.

Went to the Betty's sale and got a couple of books and some lovely cotton yarn.  Then to the magazine store to buy a three magazines I want to submit entries to, Somerset Life, Somerset Studio and Threads.  Lee called while I was looking at books and read to me the magazines they had at Barnes and Noble!  Double shopping score!  He found me Belle Armoire magazine and I am planning to submit at least two projects but the deadline is February 15th so I need to move my butt!

I was really tired after Friday night so I stayed home at worked on the books.  There wasn't room to just leave them around in piles so it took some work to get them cataloged.  Many of them still need an ex libris put inside them.  Lee made a beautiful ex libris label for me we just need to print some more to finish.  Then the books get sorted out and reshelved.  Then after some more Spring Cleaning I will be cataloging the crocheted and knitted books.  Thankfully they are easier to get at and I can catalog them right in the shelf using the laptop.  After that I hope to finish cataloging the books for the Santa Maria Valley Crafters.  Little steps at a time!  The most important thing is to get the craft area sorted out so there is actually space to craft!

So this week is full of doctors appointments unfortunately.  But I am also going to a party on Wednesday evening, just us crafters having some fun and Friday night is whitework embroidery.  Have to stop blogging to get ready for the oncologists!

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