Sunday, February 27, 2011


This month has been a very uncreative one for me.  I did get a few things made.  Finally I finished the Victorian book, all I needed were some Valentine graphics!  I took recreations of old Valentines and did a collage on the front and back covers, filling in spaces with buttons.  The rose stick was beautiful, the handmade paper was just perfect.  Forgot to get pictures unfortunately.  Also made a paper hat using some of the Valentines that were extras. 

Friends have been teaching me how to sew which has been very scary for me.  I have to get over my fears of the machine.  Now that I have time to do things I don't feel up to doing them.  I've been extremely sleepy from meds this last month.  It has been hard to push and be creative.  The worst part is I have fallen back on my addiction to thread!  I started a doily and have been working on it for over a week and nearly have it done.  I wish that I could kick thread doilies!  I saw someone else crocheting with thread and I started shaking and had to buy some thread to at least hold.  Next thing I knew Magic Crochets were all over the place with bookmarks of projects!  It wouldn't be so bad except they are unwanted.  As they are finished they get thrown in a pile and stored.  I need to stop before it gets bad this time.  Last year I made only one doily so maybe I will be abe to stop again.

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