Sunday, January 9, 2011

What a week

I had a lot of fun this week, a bit rough at times but I was determined to win!  Last week focused on getting well and working on a business plan.  The goal is to have everthing in place and my Etsy store openned by the end of January!  Lee is doing the brain work because the meds make it hard to concentrate for very long.

Yesterday we had fun at Beverly's and I demoed cutting machines and what was good and bad about them.  The crocheters were not interested at all.  So next Friday we will be having our embroidery get togther we will be learning to do a a very basic white work pattern.  Then Linda will help us make the fabric into a pillow case!  How cool is hand embroidered bed linens.

While at Beverly's they had a die cut system called the Revolution.  It was used for demos and had the long platen and several die-cuts including a Nestibility and came in a great box.  I got it for $10!  However, I then spent most of Saturday night up trying to learn to use it.  Today I will go to Youtube to find some instructions!

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