Monday, January 24, 2011

Kinda Sorta

I have been saying that a lot lately because this is what my life feels lke.  I feel very undefined in my current state.  Getting ready to open an Etsy store by Feb1st and I still need items to put in the store.  Also trying to make a Feb 15th deadline on some magazine entries!  I need to pick my battles carefully here.  I am waiting for the mail order of the drug that helps me use my hands so I can do the Etsy pieces.    This is going to be a tight race : )  But I know that I will get it done even if it takes hours longer then expected.

After decades of giving away my work now I need to be able to pull together a portfolio.  Along with writing a sylabus for teaching crafts.  My friends seem interested in the subjects so far.  This week I think I will do a smocking example.  It is just coming up with a project idea that isn't to big but large enough to be a good practise piece.  In February we are going to do a silk ribbon embroidery heart to put in a Valentine card.  A little dated but fun!  I wouldn't be surprised if a pre-printed fairy showed up in the card design!

I'm just trying to look forward to being more active and accomlishing goals and not letting stress get to me, after all being creative should also be fun!

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