Thursday, November 15, 2012

Post 200! Burgundy Doll Dress

Wow!  The 200th post since May!  That is a lot of posts, hopefully someone thinks that it is worth reading.

We are expecting rain and it has been quite a gloomy day.  I got up early today considering all the sleep I had yesterday.  I am surprised that I slept at all last night.  Sometimes when I am very sleepy I keep getting up and searching through my supplies.  This is one of the reasons things get everywhere.  Ideas for projects keep me from falling asleep.  Last night I had an idea of decorating a 8 inch dressmaker's dummy made of paper.  I was searching and couldn't find any paper or fabric that I liked for decorating the dummy.  Then I found a doll pattern that I bought ages ago and have never used.  Sewing is not a skill I have and patterns often don't get used.  Then the idea struck me that I could use the pattern tissue to decorate the dummy.  I copied some of the pieces and then started arranging the patterns onto the dummy.  Then what usually happens happened!  I got distracted and finally fell asleep. 

This morning I was trying to remember what I had been thinking the night before.  I saw the pattern and it has lots of cute clothes and so I decided to make a party dress for Barbie.  Not exactly what I had planned last night!  So I hunted and found a deep burgundy satin that surprisingly doesn't fray easily.  So I cut out the pieces and started sewing the dress using a running stitch with a lot of backstitches.  I used a tiny needle and the Gutermann thread I purchased recently.  It only has two pieces a bodice and an off center skirt that is shorter in the front and is floor lenght in the back.  Anyway I decided to get it put partially together and hemmed before starting to embroider it.  The only problem is that I can't find a doll to make sure the dress will fit.  Finally decided to use pink silk ribbon and silver thread on the dress.  If this goes well maybe I will try another pattern.

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